A Wonderful Spain Explorer

Social Studies Explorer Project
By: Anaya Surve (hcps-surveab)

Spain 1543, King Philip II, your majesty, leader of Spain. I, Anaya Surve would like to go to North America and explore, for you, with your funding. I understand that just a year ago you sent Cabeza De Vaca, who did have some trouble, including food and sickness, disease. I plan to explore in the same area that he explored, the southwest side of North America, but not in South America. He had many obstacles which he overcame, I believe I can overcome the same obstacles. These obstacles include Native Americans, food, and of course disease.

I have some solutions already to the upcoming problems, Cabeza De Vaca found the Native Americans were actually pretty nice. Maybe they changed, so I will approach them with caution and peace. I will try not to cause a war, as I know that is very expensive for you. Although if they do not come back in peace, I am not afraid to fight back on behalf of you. I will try to fight off disease by staying clean and watching what we eat. We will try our best. Unlike Cabeza De Vaca I believe, my soldiers/people have been chosen wisely.  

I expect to find more corn, beans, melons and maybe some fish for you. I am sure that I will find a new kind that we both can make some profit off of.

I understand that there are many other who want you to fund them. There are many explorers from France, Spain, Portugal, and England. Why should you pick me? I will look for very thoroughly for land for you and gold, diamonds. Though, for myself I will search for food and any new species or towns to be named after me.

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