Kiara F.
Grade 9th
May 5, 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School

Project Purpose: Is to become more familiar with becoming a Pediatrician and going to ECU and getting a degree that will help me to pursue this type of career.

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to become a Pediatrician

Description: Physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent children's diseases and injuries. I choose this career because I love working with kids and making sure their cared for so they can go on and have a good life.

The reason I wanted to pursue this career is because I love to work with kids and making sure they're cared for so they can go on and have a good life without any worries about diseases or anything.


Beginning: $86,900

Highest: $196,965

Average: $167,640

It will take 11 years to reach this goal

A Bachelor's degree is required


The college that I want to attend is ECU located in Greenville, NC. The tuition for students not living on campus is $3,758 and for students who are living on campus is $12,058. The ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college are 18, 1. Three other colleges that I'm also looking at are UNC, A&T, or Duke. There are no HS Chemistry required to be admitted to this college. Chemistry will be required to earn a degree in this area. The minimum HS GPA is 4.0 or higher.  

Additional Info.

Other classes that I can take while in high school that will prepare myself for this career are Biology, Spanish, and Calculus. Other degrees that interest me is the Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts. I didn't know that it took so many years to get to this goal and how I have to work harder, but I found a lot  of information that will help me prepare myself.  

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