When your strikers FIFA 15 PS3 Coins get

When your strikers FIFA 15 PS3 Coins get near the box, their biggest obstacle will be the revamped goalkeepers. Most of the time they're fast and devilishly hard to beat, charging out to grab the ball when necessary, while not abandoning the goal when not. They can be beaten, but they put up a lot more opposition than the frequently worthless defence.

For a while everything seems perfect, but the longer you play the more the honeymoon period wanes and the more doubts start to creep in. Why is it so hard to pin down an opposing striker while they run around your box? Why is it so hard to score with a smart set-piece, but so easy to score from many angles with a stupid, low-level daisy-cutter shot? Why does the AI sometimes act so weirdly, either failing to get in a space, ignoring your opponent's through balls or - in one memorable case - leaving two defenders and one opposing striker dancing weirdly in the corner of the pitch? Isn't some of this end-to-end stuff, and aren't some of these scorelines, just a bit ridiculous?