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life on the great plains

They lived on the great plains. They were dependent on the animals to survive. They ate off the animals, wore the animals skins to keep warm. Buffalo were used to make clothing, shields, and teepee sides. Bones were used to make tools. They carried most of their stuff in backpacks. The Indians were gifted artists so everything they made was painted or beaded. Teepees were made out of wood, poles, stakes, pins, and buffalo hide covers. The lakotas hunted buffalo, elk, and antelope. a way by getting buffalo was to dress up as animals and scare them to fall over cliffs. when Spring came the Lakota's moved closer to rivers and streams fed by snow melt. As the weather grew hot they moved to summer camps. As the fall came, the Lakota moved on to lakes where rice, and grains grew. Some of the women dug up breadroot and starchy tubers like potato like arrowheads. As the weather got even colder they headed to travois. Travois are strurdy a- shaped sleds and headed small winter camps where buffalo herds were large they were large enough to contain small families. They stayed warm in the cozy teepees until spring. That's the life for the lakotas.

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