Jordan Dining Etiquettes   By Samin Islam and Auggie Zoretic
4/24/14     East3

10 rules of Jordan Dining Etiquettes

1.  Sit beside you same spouse.

2.  Eat with the right hand (never use left).

3.  Eat by tearing off small pieces.

4.Eat bread with food.

5.  Eat a variety of foods on platters.

6.  Eat with American utensils.

7. Handle foods with fingers directly.

8.  Say "Al Hamdu Li Lah" after you eat and move slightly back from the table.

9.  Wash hands if you use them.

10. Follow the host.

We thought the dining rules in Jordan were unnecessary because we don't get why you have to bread with everything.  We also don't get why you have to pick up smaller pieces of food with other smaller pieces.  But they do have something in common with us.  They have to follow their host, like we do.  In all, we thin Jordan has very different dining etiquettes from America.


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