Long Recovery Times Can Mean a Financial Crisis to Many Families

Returning to normal life within a few days after GYN surgery can mean a huge difference to patients who face unpaid leave, and are without short-term disability insurance. This is especially important for patients who feel that their only option is open surgery, which can mean a much longer recovery period.

If you are concerned about your treatment options, there are several important things to consider, the top of which is choosing the right surgeon. Fellowship-trained laparoscopic GYN surgeons focus solely on minimally invasive procedures. These procedures can reduce down time from surgery to days instead of weeks.

Surgery with minimal pain and exceptional recovery are the focus of Paul J. MacKoul MD and Natalya E. Danilyants MD at The Center for Innovative GYN Care (CIGC). Dr. MacKoul and Dr. Danilyants have redefined minimally invasive surgery to 2 or fewer 5 millimeter incisions for all of the GYN surgical procedures they perform.

See how this compares with other procedures:

For patients with cancer who need to begin treatment following surgery, faster recovery means additional therapies can start sooner.

CIGC surgeons like Dr. Paul J. MacKoul, MD, FACOG  - NEVER perform open or robotic-assisted surgery. Damage to areas surrounding the uterus and ovaries are common with these surgeries, and often require additional surgeons to repair nicked bowels or ureters.

As you decide which surgeon will perform your procedure, understand your options. Ask about experience, techniques, the recovery times associated with each procedure and potential complications. Read about Dr. Paul MacKoul and schedule an appointment at CIGC today to get a thorough evaluation of your gyn condition.