A million pennies

In this project i use euro pennies

In this project i will be talking about how tall a million pennies would be.

i think a million pennies would be about 200 feet high.

here is a picture of 10 pennies next to a ruler.

the height is 0.7 of an inch.

the height of a million pennies would be 132.6 miles high.

what i did to find that out is  the height of a ten pennies is 1.7 so i moved the decimal 6 zeros to the right.

the length of one million pennies is 1.7 million feet.

the way i found that out is i added 6 zeros to 1.7 inches  witch is 1.6 million feet long.the next object i am going to measure is a protractor the protractor i measured is 6 inches long so if i multiplied that by a million it would be 6 million feet high.

so in conclusion i found that a million pennies is really high and if a million pennies would stretch it would be even farther.

the picture below is how long 10 pennies would be.

October,16 2014 By: Kiran Martinez

this picture is how tall  10 pennies would be.