The great depression in this book is that the family had problem with jobs that Stanly and Jack had to go through.then there is health problems that Jack and Lourie,Jack suffered from heart diseases an Lourie had a fludered in her heart.There was also choices of Nora wanting to go to a broadway,and a 15 year old whois going through puberty named Eugene Morris.


The tuition of the universty of Pennsylvania is $400.For the a room and board was $520.Books were $35.The gas cost .17 cents.Eggs cost .18 cents and,bananas .19 cents.The cost of a new car was $640.a cost of a house was $1,500

Stan's apology


I am so sorry I kicked dirt into your shoes.I should be hired back because I wanted dad to feel better.The reason why I wanted to fell proud of me was because he had a hert attack.Also I am a good and hard worker.After all I get here an time and always here for you.

To be honest I did it for the worker to feel better.Also because we never have respect for him.He is always a hard worker while we play around all the time.I want to apologies because i did not mean no harm.If you accept my apology I promise I will work harder than before,but if you do not my father will die of a heart attack.

Please accept me back I promise I won't let you down.When its time to close down,I will close the store down.When its lunch break I will keep working.When you want me to clean your shoe I will clean them.Just please forgive me.



Broadway Show

Tickets cost $92.When it hit first it was at Minneapolis.The year it first shown was in 1997.Directed by Julie Taymor

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