10 Email Commandments

Stephanie Semaan, Period 7

1. Have a Concise and Appropriate Topic - Don't steer to far way from the main topic of the email, if you must then you should send another email.

2. Don't abuse punctuations - Don't confuse the reader with more punctuation marks then needed.

3.  Have a good motive to email someone - If you feel angry at a person that is not a good motive to email a person.

4. Speak eloquently - Don't embarrass yourself make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.

5.  Send/forward serious email's - If it is a spam email don't send it because you will clutter their email.

6. Use "reply all" sparely - Not everyone needs to know your response, Use wise judgment and when it is appropriate.

7. Correct Capitation - Capitalizes your name and necessary places.

8. Have proper email form - Have your greeting, body of the email and signature line.

9. Only send the email to the people that need it - Don't send an email if you know the other person doesn't need it or already knows they can't help.

10. Include necessary information - If your sending an invite make sure place, time and all other necessary information is included.

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