"Make Sure You Notice, The Little Lotus"

-Connor Kuehl

What is a Lotus?

     A lotus is a plant that grows on the lotus eaters island. The lotus plant is a very beautiful plant and they have seeds in the flower.

What Can Happen to You if You Eat Lotus Plants?

     If you eat a lotus seed from the flower, like the lotus eaters you get high and you forget many things that you thought you would remember.

"Don't Do Lotus or You Will Get Noticed By the Fuzz and Soon Forget the Buzz."

-Jessica Sykes

What is a Lotus Eater?

     A lotus eater is someone who eats the lotus flowers and their seeds. They were drugged by feeding on the flowers seeds. The lotus eaters roamed the island and pulled Odysseus and his crew to the island to eat the Lotus.

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