Ecosystem Lab

                                By: Jordan Stapleton, David Greufe, Adi Silva

(Photo By Jordan Stapleton)

Plant Identification

The common name for our flower is a sunflower but its botanical name is Helianthus annuus.

Quadrate Study

The results from our study told us that our plant grew well in clumps and those clumps where spread out randomly throughout the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Description

(Photo by Adi Silva)

Microclimate Description

(Photo by Adi Silva)


Our research suggested that our plant grew better with more sunlight (


Our Hypothesis was that If our plant the Helianthus Annuus received more sunlight, then it would grow more abundantly and in larger groups in those areas.

Testing Procedure

We walked to different areas that had our flower and recorded how much of the plants were growing in that area and the amount of sunlight it was receiving.


Our evidence was extremely conclusive that the more sunlight the more of the plant would grow. It got to a point where it was almost not growing in any areas that received little sunlight.  

Additional Testing

We also plan to test the soil to see how much water is found in it to see if this is also a contributing factor to the abundance of the sunflowers

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