By: Tyler Houston

This a picture of a whitetail buck that is ginormous.

What is Hunting?

People enjoy hunting because when you start hunting you are afraid of wounding the animal and they want to kill the animal not wound it so that is what makes it fun.

Problems you may have while you are hunting

Here is a big problem if it happens to you. Say you forgot your hunters license. You get there and you are pretty far from home. You check your bag and it isn't in there. You are with your dad, your grandpa or whoever your with and they have their's. You can do one of these things.  You can go buy a new one if there is a store around that sells one, you can just sit in the stand and hunt coyotes or small game or sit at camp by yourself, or if someone is coming up after you that lives in your house bring it to you.

      Another problem you may run in to is that if you hunt where you have to kill a buck over thirteen inches wide and he is far off. You can't just kill him you have to wait. Here is some suggestions  you can do. You can wait till he gets closer to get a better look at him, you can kick the stand for him to look at him but make sure nothing is looking at you while you are doing that, or just buy better binoculars.

This is what will happen if you make to much noise or move to much in a stand with deer around.

How to get ready(Sequence and order)

Do you know what you need to go on a hunting trip? First you have to have plenty of camo clothes so you can blend in with your surroundings. You need to make sure that you have a gun and and plenty of bullets to kill something. Make sure you have the right caliber of gun to kill the game you want to kill. Make sure the sight is sighted in for how far you are going to shoot. You need plenty of food so you wont starve to death unless you're going to eat what you kill after you kill it. You need to make sure you have money just in case you get pulled over or you need to get something on the way there. You need to have clothes for bed and going into town clothes. You need warm clothes if it is cold where you are going.  

Here is some examples of hunter orange

What will happen if you do something wrong (Cause & Effect)

If you kill an animal and you don't have a tag for it; it's called poaching. If the game wardens find out that you poached an animal they will go to the place you poached the animal to see if you come back. They will place something where you will see it if you come back.

Here is an example of what they will do if there is a lot of poaching going on in that area.

When you shoot one of these there will be a game warden around. They like to trick you by doing this. I watched plenty of shows that show people killing an animal that they didn't have a tag for they go to jail because they didn't tag the animal. I don't do that because I follow the rules and I don't want to go to jail and I don't want any of my family to go to jail. A bunch of people would rather poacher than spend $3 to $315, but it depends on what you get. We all have choices on what we want to do. If you choose to poach you will be caught by the game wardens and taken to jail. If you buy a license for what you are hunting for you won't go to jail but if you kill something that isn't on your tags list. If you can't take the time to go buy a hunting license; you are lazy.

Compare and Contrast

An example of compare and contrast hunting is small game and big game. Small game is like squirrels, rabbits, possums, pheasants, etc. Big game is like elk, caribou, whitetail deer, elephants, etc.

Small Game

Big Game Animals

Most small game animals animals you don't need tags for most often. Like big game animals you at least need one tag to fill what you are killing. Most big game animals have some type of horn. Small game animals usually don't have anything that other small game animals have besides color.

Small game animals are usually under 50-70 pounds. Very little game animals like squirrels, rabbits, and rats are usually hunted in yards of home owners. Like squirrels; they eat the home owners gardens plants usually cause they don't have much to eat besides acorns. Like me, I kill squirrels cause they eat our animals feed and they get in my grand parents garden.  Another thing that is killed locally is birds but some birds are illegal to kill because they are state birds or they are almost extinct.Now it is time for big game animals.

Big game animals are usually big bodied usually range from 100 lbs or more. The biggest big game animal you can kill is probably a bull elephant. You can usually remember a big game animal by its traits like a bull moose by its bowl shaped antlers. You can also remember Big horn sheep by there swirl shaped horns. More people hunt big game animals than small game animals because you can mount it on you wall more often and it is funner than small game because bring down a bigger a animal.



Wounding: Hurting an animal not killing it

Hunters License: a license that lets you kill the animal you want to kill

Camo: What hunters wear to blend in with their surroundings

Caliber: Type of gun that you are hunting with

Game: What you are hunting

Sight: a scope or thing you are looking through

Poaching: killing an animal that you aren't supposed to kill

Game Wardens: the police officers of the forest

Small game: Game that is small and usually weighs between 50-70 lbs

Big game: game that usually has a horn of some type and weighs 100 lbs or more

Bull: usually a boy animal

Mount: a support for a gun, camera, similar piece of equipment, or animal


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