3 Great Things!

Summer 2015- Professional Development

Brought to you by the WCC Distance Education Department

Enjoy this visual break. Photo credit: http://seekyt.com/physical-featu

Great Thing # 1:

      Ongoing professional development opportunity.  The DE department will continue to offer course development sessions for individual faculty and small groups throughout the summer, fall, and spring semesters. These sessions are available to all faculty, full- and part-time.

    Call us to schedule an appointment for one-on-one or small group sessions. This is a great opportunity for individual departments to have specific training needs met.
Tell us exactly what you need; do you have questions about specific Moodle tools? Tightening up your gradebook? Different assessment tools/methods? Increasing engagement in your course? Anything at all related to teaching online or hybrid courses here at WCC.
    Based on your needs, we will cater a session specific to your course. This is a great opportunity to ask all of those "I wish I knew how to..." questions. Have you been told something isn't possible in Moodle, come and discuss it with us. Moodle is updated regularly; therefore, what wasn't possible a couple of years ago may now work easily. Are you teaching only seated course sections - and want to prepare content for potential weather closures? Make an appointment to learn how to add your syllabus, create assignments, set-up discussions and anything else you might need.

Great Thing # 2:

    ADA Small Bytes training is coming this fall. The DE Department wants to ensure all faculty have the necessary tools to create ADA compliant course content. ADA compliant content remains an important issue. When broken down into "Small Bytes" creating compliant material is far easier to manage than it may appear.

     ADA Small Bytes sessions will be held monthly throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, with focused content and strategies presented each month.

    To further facilitate this process, we will use a "flipped Professional Development" format (see an example here: http://padlet.com/lauraconley/ISTE2015 (opens in a new window) all content will be shared with faculty prior to each session. Faculty will be expected to review the process and resources prior to each workshop. Then the actual workshop will provide a short overview of the specific topic and lots of time for hands-on application. You'll be able to practice each strategy/skill in your Moodle course.

    The first workshop, Accessible Hyperlinks, Fonts, and Color Choices, is scheduled for September 16 - watch your mail for more information.

Great Thing # 3

Professional Development Opportunity. Watch these great videos from the convenience of your own computer:

  • How to Provide Meaningful Feedback in an Online Environment
  • How Microlectures Can Increase Online Student Engagement, Motivation and Success
  • Strategies to Make Online Group Work More Manageable, Efficient, and Effective

    Watch the videos at your convenience by clicking on the link you'll receive by email. You will be asked to register before viewing the recordings.     

    Handouts and resources are available for downloading and/or printing for each webinar.  The DE Department is trying something new so plan on joining us at a DE Lunch and learn (where you really can bring and eat your own lunch) to discuss the webinars. This will be a great opportunity to share ideas with colleagues and ask questions. Tentative date for the DE Lunch and Learn is September 22, noon - 1:15 PM. Watch your email for further information.

     *If you are interested in discussing the webinars during a Google Hangout, please contact Julie Marciel-Rozzi: jamarciel-rozziatwayneccdotedu. The DE Department is researching interest in and feasibility of virtual professional development events.

Bonus Great Things!

Think - Pair - Share http://goo.gl/ZzGzW1 (opens in a new window)

    Take a look at the great infographic and then consider how Think - Pair - Share might be used in hybrid and seated courses. Perhaps in hybrids- start the discussion in class and ask students to continue it in a Moodle discussion? This would be an excellent way to continue the learning and discussions started in class.

Online Course Information Page http://www.waynecc.edu/distance-ed/online-course-information/ (opens in a new window):

    This page continues to be a great resource for information about specific online courses, with nearly 1200 page views since December 2014. Interested in having your course information posted here? Contact the Distance Education Department for information.


   T. Griffin is using Periscope.tv to easily capture his live Chemistry lectures to provide students with a secondary reference. This is an experiment in progress so some of his recordings are a bit rough but it's an interesting approach with a new tool. See one of his recordings here: https://goo.gl/qHnrrV (opens in a new window)

    Are you experimenting with a tech tool in your online, hybrid or seated course? Are you interested in sharing your experiences and results? Let the DE Department know. It would be great to share your insights and information with all faculty.