Olympics Skeleton Event Project

Group Name: Grant S., Jonathan W., and Ethan T.

This presentation will be a preview of the Olympic history and the skeleton event, lets begin shall we folks!?

The Olympics first showed in 776BC; they were held in Olympia Greece. They were held to test the gods athletic ability. The 8 main Olympic events are Riding, Discus, Jump, Running, Wrestling, Javelin, Boxing, and Pentathlon. The first summer Olympics were held in April 6, 1896; and the winter in January 15th, 1924. The first winter Olympics were held at Chamonix, France; and they were last held at Sochi, Russia. The skeleton event started in, 1936|Berlin. The goal of this game is to go down a course face down the fastest. What you need to get ready for the skeleton event is get a sled, get the proper clothing, and then they need to be ready for snowy weather, and last three famous skeleton athletes are Paul Boehm, Jennison Heaton, and John Heaton. Thanks for reading.

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