By: Justice Alford

School Project for English

In the last book we read in class, Siddhartha, we had read a lot about symbolism. Symbolism is all around us, in our lives and the things we find as symbols for other things. This project is about the symbolism in my life.


With just a little bit of time

Think of all that you can do

You can get out of line

And start something new

But when you have a thing

That is just stuck in your mind

Then your mind will ring

So you won't leave it behind

But every once in a while

You can be in doubt

To keep others from your smile

And take another route

Let your creative mind flow

And find what you like

Go ahead and give them a show

For boys and girls alike

Give them something to climb

To reach the sky of blue

With a little bit of time

Think of what all you can do


The Artist: I refer to myself as an artist, and I love art. Art is a very important part of my life, as I have always loved making art since I was little.

Venice: I chose this picture of Venice because I also love traveling. Like art, I have been traveling ever since I was little, and it's a dream of mine to travel the world.

Boxman and Guitar: The bowman and the guitar is a use of symbolism for my love of music. I've started to play music a few years ago, and I just love music in general.

Plague Doctor: I chose the Plague Doctor to represent my love for horror and history, as Plague Doctors have to do with both.


I chose "Take Me to Church" by Hozier for a song that describes me. I chose this song as the meaning of the song is to say that you shouldn't have to fear for your human rights, in which I fully believe in. The song mainly goes over how religion can see things such as homosexuality are seen as sinful and won't accept it and the persecution in it (which mainly resides in the music video). The song is also a break up/love song which was written after Hozier had broken up with his girlfriend at the time.


- Byrne, Andrew H. Take Me to Church. Hozier. The Evolving Music Co Ltd., 2013. MP3.