All About Me: Chloe K.

        A big event I have experienced is my trip to Mexico in 5th grade. My family and I went to Mexico for Christmas with my grandparents, we spent two weeks in a huge villa/house. This trip made an impact on how I look at things because on Christmas day we handed out candy to the kids in the town then sat in the town square with my grandpa's friend and handed out more candy to them. It was really amazing to meet the kids and see how much they don’t have and how happy they still are. It really made me take my life and what i have into perspective. Now I try not to take things for granted and try to remember that I am fortunate. This trip made a huge impact on my life.

        A book I have read that made an impression on me was If I stay. It is a book about a girl who gets in a car crash and essentially she gets to make the decision if she wants to live or not. Her mom, dad, and brother all die and she doesn't know if she should live and stay with her boyfriend or die and leave with her family. In the time she is in a coma she gets to see her life, what she has done, and appreciate it. She had time to think about where she is going, where she could go, what was on the line. This book made me realize that you have to dream like you will live forever and live like you will die tomorrow. The book just made me realize that anything can happen so take everything that comes and keep going.

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