The Red Cross helped you out like a boss.

By: Noah

Have you ever wondered how the people in wars who get hurt survive? Well, the Red Cross probably had something to do with it. I think the Red Cross should win the Conrad Hilton award for showing extraordinary contributions towards human suffering.

The Red Cross was founded by Henri Dunant after witnessing the battle of Solferino. Although Dunant founded the Red Cross, almost every country with the Red Cross has an individual founder. For example, Dr. George S. Ryerson founded the Canadian Red Cross in 1885 and Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. The Red Cross quickly began receiving support from countries. During war the Red Cross does not side with anybody and remains neutral.

The Red Cross helps in disasters all the time. The Red Cross helps people know what to do when a disaster strikes. In 2001 an earthquake in India killed 20,000 and 166,000 were injured and the Indian Red Cross responded immediately. They provide medical care and basic necessities in disasters. Volunteers set up shelters for people who have lost their homes in disasters. The Red Cross teaches adults and children how to avoid death or injury in disasters. The Red Cross trains dogs to help track people who are missing after a natural disaster.

One of the Red Cross’ focuses is war. Founder Henri Dunant was influenced by a war so he started the Red Cross. He witnessed war and wanted to help make a difference for wounded soldiers. The Red Cross makes sure prisoners of war are treated humanely. The Red Cross also makes sure prisoners aren’t threatened or tortured. During wars the ICRC sends medical staff, supplies, and equipment. The Red Cross helps prisoners who have been interrogated. Nurses and Doctors stay at war camps for several months to offer medical help.

The Red Cross is most known for their work with blood. They take blood and plasma donations. The Red Cross provides transfusions. During WWll the Red Cross sent blood to the war camps. Each year, they give 6 million pints of blood to hospitals and people who need it. The blood they give away is used in 3,000 hospitals each year.

The Red Cross is very generous because 40% of donated blood in America is the Red Cross’ blood. The Red Cross is courageous because they go into wars to help people no matter how much danger they might be in personally.

I think the Red Cross should win the Conrad Hilton award for several reasons but mainly for showing a tremendous amount of courage.

The Red Cross helped you out like a boss.



The Red Cross helped you out like a boss

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