{ACA STudents only}

Complete with Rules, Guidelines, and

"0" hints as to what prizes you can win. :)

Watch the video clip below, Read the Rules & Guidelines for the Contest and go on over to to make your game.


Mrs. Sanders and Ms. Shelton

(Although we may create our own game just for you to see)


Prizes will be given for our 1st., 2nd. and 3rd. place winners

{Since we're asking you to create a game, the prizes will NOT be like our usual prizes but we're not telling you what the prizes are because we're cool like that.}

{Pay Close Attention to THESE}

  1. All games must be Appropriate. Although this is a contest, everyone MUST abide by ACA policy. When in doubt, check your Edmodo Backpack and open up the Acceptable Use Policy and do a little reading. If you don't have it, then you may want to look into getting that. It's a keeper.

Note: Any game that does not abide by this rule, will result in your game being automatically thrown out of the contest.

All games must display the following:

  • Unique Visual Design (Be Original and Creative)
  • Functional (Test your game before submitting your link to us so you know that it works)
  • Submit the link {MEANING ONLY "ONE" Game per Student can be submitted} to your game in the comment section.


Just have fun with it. There are many videos online that can help you begin your game. Also, your public library may have some books you can use as well.

Some Book Recommendations:

  1. Super Scratch Programming Adventure!
  2. Scratch Programming in easy steps by Sean McManus

Let's Wrap This up

If you understand the rules and the criteria for this Contest, then let the Scratch Games begin. All Scratch games must be turned in before Friday, January 16, 2015 {Which is 11 days after the Video Game Tackk Contest for those who are interested in participating in both}. The number of games submitted for this contest will determine when we, the judges, will award the winners.

The way I see it is your chances of winning may be higher than you think seeing as some of your classmates might be thinking that making a game on Scratch is too hard. Why not try?

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