Solar Energy

(Below is an impossible yet beautiful Binary Sunset.)

Solar Panels And Why They're Efficient

Solar energy is energy from the sun.

Solar panels can be installed on people’s houses to power their normally electric or battery-run objects.

It costs less to put solar panels on your house rather than electricity, because there is an electric bill, but, conveniently, there is not a solar bill. It is efficient to put solar panels on your house because they cost less than having electricity.

The first Solar Collector was made in 1767.

It is worth using because it costs less than electricity and will last longer than electricity in the event of a storm.

The photovoltaics are the means of the solar panels working. They collect the solar energy for the solar panel to convert into usable power for our homes. It is also the third most important renewable energy after water and wind. It also contains solar cells to make the solar panel.

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