summer day 2

sunday, june 1, 2014

the feeling of waking up on a sunday morning is usually dreading the painfully long school week ahead, but not this sunday.  I woke from sweet dreams of tanning, swimming, and sleeping till noon which is possibly the best thing I have dreamed about. shortly after watching old episodes of my all time favorite show, pretty little liars, I received a text from my mom saying that breakfast was ready.

I came upstairs to French toast, hashbrowns, and a delicious strawberry banana smoothie.  after stuffing my mouth with a giant breakfast I got ready to go swim and tan with belle. against expectations, we were not at the pool long because it was very crowded.  even though we were not at the pool long, belle and i came home to realize that our tan lines were even more significant and it is beginning to feel like summer.

this is when we both created our tackks so that we could read about each others summers while I am in florida for a month.  after I showered I went home and got ready for church.  after church I came home and watched the fosters on Netflix till one in the morning with my puppy lewis. all in all, it was a fun and relaxing second day of summer.

bye for now, abbey