FREAK THE MIGHTY!! By- Jillian Fox and SaraMargaret Willoughby.

Book summary

    Freak the Mighty was about two very special friends. It took place in a very rough part of their neighborhood, its mid-summer and Max and Freak/Kevin are on summer vacation! Then when Kevin moves into a new neighborhood he meets Max. Max was scared of Freak at first, but when the Fair Gwen of Air (her name is a play on words) invited Max over for dinner, their friendship became even stronger. They went on many quests, they even returned a woman`s purse. Then on Freak`s birthday, he started to have a seizure......

King Arthur

King Arthur Coat of Arms and Sword

King Arthur was a legendary king in the 15th century, he was real, but the LEGEND of King was just a fable, a story. How he became king you ask, was he BORN  a king? No, he wasn`t born a king, his father was just a landlord. Arthur was raised by the legendary wizard Merlin, when Arthur was about 15 years old, there was a rumor that a sword was stuck in a stone. Arthur was immediately intrigued by these rumors. He went to go see where the stone was and he saw all these knights (MUSCULAR knights, strongest in all the land muscular knights). Merlin saw him there and let him have a try, (Merlin new that Arthur was the one) Arthur pulled the stone like it was a knife in butter. That was how King Arthur became KING Arthur.  King Arthur died shortly after the sword Excalibur was returned to the lady of the lake and the 3 Queens took him away on a boat to the Isle of Avalon.

    King Arthur played a big role in Freak the Mighty, but what role did it play? King Arthur inspired Kevin, he motivated him to do anything and everything. Every time Max and Freak would go on an adventure across their town, Kevin would call it a quest, when they would help women in trouble, they would call it "Saving a Damsel in Distress".   

Knights of the Round Table

The knights of the Round Table included King Arthur (duh), Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahallt, Sir Bedwere, etc. The round table was round because when King Arthur married Lady Guinevere, her father gave Arthur  a round table as a wedding present. Arthur didn't view the table as a decorative present, he viewed it as a chance to make everyone equal. The table represents that when all the knights sit down, no one is more important than the other, Arthur isn't the head of the table, neither was Lancelot.

    It is related to Freak the Mighty because when Freak or Max  are in trouble, they always go and help each other. They also don't think of  each other as more important than one another.

Moroquio Syndrome

The Moroquio Syndrome is a rare inherited disease that effects MAJOR organ systems in the body. You can only get the Moroquio syndrome if your parents have a defective gene. when you have the Moroquio Syndrome the traits are oddly shaped bones, knock knees, spine is curved, irregular chest growth, and widely spaced teeth. There is no specific treatment, but you need physical therapy to help stretch your muscles. Scientist who study the Moroquio Syndrome are still working on a treatment. The only specific LONG term trait of this syndrome is the look of the people with it. Only of every 200,000 births are diagnosed with Moroquio Syndrome.

      Moroquio Syndrome affects the book because Freak suffers from this disease


Bionics are the replacements of limbs or organs. When you get your limbs replaced, you get new mechanical limbs or other mechanical body parts, you also need to have physical therapy when you get a bionic. In 1958, Jack E. Steele created bionics. Prosthesis is an artificial body part. Example- An artificial eye. If you have a missing eye, you could pay for an artificial eye and then you can see out of that eye again! That is the benefit of getting a bionic! You can now do stuff that you thought you could never be able to do again! Some scientists are trying to research and find a living organism that can help with bionics. A living organism that helps a disabled person is the cochlear implant. It is a device for deaf people. The name biomimicry comes from the Greek words bios (means life) and mimesis.(meaning to imitate)

    The bionics relate to the story because Freak tells Max that he will get a new body, so that he can be like a robot.

Man with bionic arm playing football

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