Cambodia Genocide
By : Shanice Stoby

 Over 1.6 - 2.5 million people died in the Cambodian genocide. Adults and children, even families get separated and sent to camps to work and mostly likely never seen them again. People being killed for showing emotion to anyone they know or love from their towns.

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Why did Pol Pot call it a Year Zero?

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   The Cambodian genocide started in 1975 and lasted until 1979. The small group at the time of Khmer Rouge marched into the capital city of Phnom Penh Cambodia and forced an evacuated everyone out of their homes. Even the sick people in the hospitals. Cambodian teenage boys that are not educated would constantly join the Khmer Rouge. The leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot believed that communism was a great way of living and everyone should live under believing it he wanted everyone to be equal and to care about the society.Pol took away schools,hospitals,and transportation and others away from the townspeople and made it a forced labor.

Why did they have to work and how long did they work ?

    They separated families because they wanted the Cambodian people to believe in Angka. To put Angka before themselves and before their families. Angka is not person, it's an idea of a religion . They call their God Angka .Once they started working in the "killing fields" people soon began to die from overworking, diseases and eating two days out of a week. Work days in the fields they would wake up in 4 am and work until 10 pm, there was only 2 resting times in the work days and was supervised by the Khmer Rouge.

Why did the Khmer Rouge want to transform Cambodia ?

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    The Khmer Rouge transformed Cambodia to a rural( a rural is an area located out pride of cities and towns ) society with no classes meaning no rich people, no poor people, and no educated people. The way they did it was they got rid of every public and private places and turned them into jails. They also gave everyone one black clothes to wear. The Khmer Rouge won't let families show emotion or affection to their relatives, if they do they get killed. Also the families won't have a mother or father, they were forced to look up to Angka.

How and Why did the Khmer Rouge kill ?

The Khmer Rouge would assume if your "pure"or not to work. If you're not pure (pure meaning able to work and or not to old to work )they will arrest you and kill you . Also if you're too old to work they would kill you. Years later they killed over hundreds and thousands of city residents Vietnamese, and Chinese. In the year 1977 a war between Cambodia and Vietnam started. Thousands of people were forced to fight with the Khmer Rouge and got killed.

When did the Khmer Rouge fall ?

In December 1987 the Vietnamese troops captured Phnom Penh and the Khmer Rouge leaders went into Thailand territory to get back what's theirs . Later on the U.S. voted against communism giving people the chance to resistance against communism . The Khmer Rouge still around until 1999 when all their leaders had defected Cambodia to the Royal Government of Cambodia has been arrested, or had died but what they have gone to the people of Cambodia still lives on.

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Many Cambodian people have died from diseases and some lost family members. " Nearly two million Cambodians died from diseases due to a lack of medicines and medical services, starvation, execution, or exhaustion from overwork. Tens of thousands were made widows and orphans, and those who lived through the regime were severely traumatized by their experiences." This genocide has affected so many adults and kids. Some Cambodian people left their country and are now refugees. Kids are now orphans and adults are widows. As depressing as it is this did happen. Many lives have been killed just over shows affection to loved ones. In the future we don't want any kind of genocides happening.


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