World Religions:Christianity, by Breanne Gee

Started in the first century C.E.

Jesus on the cross.

Jesus started Christianity.

Jesus ascension to heaven.

They all believe that their faith is in his hands. His death saved a person from the consequences of sins. They believe his resurrection give people eternal life. They only believe in one god which is Jesus. Also they believe the Bible is completely and literally true. Christians believe Jesus is active and walking on earth as a Holy Spirit.

They believe in the concept of the trinity. Which is a supreme god who came to earth as a person of  Jesus Christ and is active as a Holy Spirit. They only believe in one god which is Jesus.

Jesus when his was born with his mother.

Their scared writing is in the Bible. It contains the foundation of Christian teachings.

The symbol is the cross.

They worship in a church.

Their festivals and holidays are Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost Sunday.

Jesus making two fish and a few pieces of bread into enough food for everybody

It is the largest religion in the world. They believe in one god. The cross is the main symbol. It started 2,000 years ago in Israel. Jesus made food for enough people. They go to a church to pray. Christians believe their faith is in his hands. Christmas is when Jesus was born.

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