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Court NOT Adjourned

Williamson Co. Judge faced with Federal Firearm Charges

On April 14, 2014 Judge Tim Wright not guilty to Federal Weapons Charges. The prosecution is presenting a case that indicts Tim Wright with the crime of selling 7 firearms to a known felon while also lying to gun store owner by saying purchased guns were for his own personal use. He has sent been suspended by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.



Life in Prison

Man Sentenced for Murder of Estranged Wife

George De La Cruz was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility for the murder of Julie Ann Gonzalez, his estranged wife and mother of his child. While no body has been found the prosecution had ample electronic evidence along with physical evidence: a trench dug, knife, ammunition, and burnt clothing. De La Cruz attempted to hide the murder by accessing Gonzalez's social media and posting, as Gonzalez, that she was in Colorado while her phone never left Austin. She has never been found.



Knowing What's Best

Seventeen Year Old Girl Fights Chemo Treatment

At 17 Cassandra C., with the aid of her mother, decided she did not want to do chemotherapy to treat her Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer. Her refusal to do this led to case that was ultimately presented before the Connecticut Supreme Court last summer. They ultimately ruled in the favor of the doctors declaring her not mentally competent to make her own medical decisions, cutting contact between mother and daughter, and forcing Cassandra to continue chemo. If she had won the highly curable cancer would have killed her or in the likelihood she restart the chemo in the future the cancer would most likely be immune to the chemo.

-I can't even begin to fathom how painful and difficult chemo is. However the truth is this cancer is easier to treat and survive than many others. For her and her mother to try to blatantly disregard someone trying to save her life while others will never have the possibility is almost selfish. The Court made a great decision in forcing her to suffer pain to be able to live.



Texas Christian University

Cheating takes many forms at TCU including: copying, using unauthorized academic materials, knowingly using an unauthorized test, substituting for another student, collaborating without approval. The consequences can range from seemingly insignificant to very severe. Some examples include granting no credit or an "F" for assignment, drop student from course with a grade of F being computed into GPA, student suspended or even expelled.

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