Useful Apps for a K-12 Classroom

This is a collection of applications for mobile devices that would be useful in a classroom setting. This will be use to enhance subject matter through the use of mobile learning. plus

This app is an interactive German-English dictionary. However, its content it not only what would be considered "textbook German", but also has colloquialisms, and regional words programmed into it. It also has a feature to pronounce the word so that the user can hear what it sounds like in contrast to how it is spelled. It also has a "quiz game" to test certain aspects of the language, and a programmable "my vocabulary" to save words if someone is having difficulty with certain words if they constantly come up. Because of the highly personalized nature of the app, it would be a great addition to any German course, whether it be beginner or advanced.

This app is a mobile version of this site:

Music Intervals

This app is a fun way to learn intervals. It is highly interactive, and is perfect for younger kids (approximately 8-10 years old). Users can "train" using the system to listen and see what the interval sounds/looks like on the staff, and can test themselves using the "play" function. It keeps track of high scores as how many in a row a student can answer correctly without a mistake. It would improve music literacy as a whole and teach intervals.

VSB Music Theory

This app combines three functions: video lesson, text lesson, and a mini-quiz after each section. It is interactive, and builds on previous content explored in the app. Since the level of music theory is more advanced, and the language is quite articulate, I would recommend this for a high school group of students who are learning music theory in-depth.

Musical Terms Free

This app is meant for students who are in higher grades. This is a musical terms library with a pronunciation guide. Their terms are a collection of a broad range of terms through instrumental and choral music from all time periods.

Khan Academy: Biology 1

This app was created by someone who does videos on the topics of biology. His videos make great resources as summary provided the concepts have already been taught. Specifically, the series of videos in this app have to do with DNA, heredity, bacteria, viruses, and other molecular biology topics. This would be good for a Biology 30 class where most of these concepts are explored in depth. The videos are in a linear, lecture-style and function well as supplementary materials.

This is the video lecture for DNA and DNA replication that I had viewed on the app.

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