Oliver twist cultural assumption

My third cultural assumption is about how males are meant to work hard and provide for the family. This assumption is shown through the theme of being pure and good when surrounded by evil people. Its also shown through the secondary character of Mr Brownlow. Examples of this assumption is when Oliver doesn't want to rob Mr Brownlow's house but is made to by Sikes as he threatens to shoot him if he make one wrong move, Oliver tries running up the stairs to wake Mr Brownlow and success but gets shot in the arm. Another example is when Brownlow sticks up for Oliver for not stealing and takes him into his home to give him a second chance, lets keep in mind Oliver is a random dirty orphan off the street that has been taken in kindly by a wealthy man. Dickens disputes this assumption because he shows the audience that being pure and good when surrounded by evil people is possible, this is proven by Oliver himself. Dickens is showing that during his historical context, the Victorian era, people in England were very judgemental and there were also a lot of lower class people that were genuinely expected to be bad.

Bill Sikes
Robbery at Mr Brownlow's House
Mr Brownlow being pick

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