Past, Present, and Future

Between 2010 and 2012 the number of iPad users in the US jumped from 11.5 million to 54 million with millions of other types of tablets. Technology is neither good nor bad. You can find a lot of constructive uses for technology but at the same time sex, violence, and worse are a click away. There has to be an understanding of control and limits but must be put on the amount of time people are using their screens. Most importantly, kids should not be sitting in front of a screen all day. But at the same time we cannot ignore the power and information that lies out there through these machines.

There is no use pretending the Ipad or cell phones don't exist and you can't deny that this is the new wave of the future. A study by a magazine The Christian Science reported a whopping 97% of 18-27 year olds use their phones for texting. We are in one of the most dynamic and progressive times that the world has ever lived through or seen. We are on the brink of reaching the point of culmination that man kind has strived to obtain for the past thousands of years.

What Does This Mean For You And Me?

We need to stay on top of the curve. We need to take advantage of what we have. A new computer today can become practically obsolete in only a couple years time as new improvements and innovations lead to faster and stronger computing systems being released.

New media does not replace old media. Just because you start to utilize new technology does not mean that the old needs to just be thrown out. Instead we should look on how we can use these technological improvements to our advantage while still holding onto what we have grown so used to.

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