Taylor Guitars

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About Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars was established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. They are headquartered in El Cajon, California. Their company aims to widen customer base by expanding the different types of guitars they offer.

"Taylor Guitars links its heritage to its two founders, but the brand also nurtures and speaks to a thriving community of Taylor guitar owners."

Taylor Guitar's Story

Each guitar has an individual story and a unique look custom from guitar to guitar. They draw inspiration from the founder's values and beliefs about what kind of quality a guitar should be. Quality and integrity of the guitars are maintained while new technology is integrated into the creation process. For each line of guitars, there is always a story along with it that contains "how and where wood is sourced, why certain materials are used in each line of Taylor guitars, and the unique characteristics of each line."

Relaying the Message

Taylor Guitars has a "Sustainability" page on the company website where they explain how they practice responsible manufacturing policies. Their biggest marketing tactic is using word of mouth from consumers who wish to share what an excellent experience they have had with the company. Taylor Guitars attempts to live by their values in a few personalized ways. Each guitar purchase is made personal and memorable. The creation process allows each guitar to have unique traits with special materials that make the end product a custom instrument.

Celebrity Promotion

Engaging the Customer

Since Taylor Guitars depends so strongly on the positive word of mouth spread by satisfied customers, they are very involved with the community. Community workshops are held throughout the year at local guitar retailers, allowing customers hands on activity in the process. Additionally, magazines are sent out to Taylor Guitar owners, engaging them in what is new in the company. Active online discussions are held, as well as factory tours which are offered five days a week during weekdays at 1:00 p.m.


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