Raccoon Rage

Look out there's a robber on the loose! Sorry its just my friend the raccoon. In my article I'm going to talk about what the raccoons eat, how they communicate, their young, the raccoons relatives, and where they live.

Raccoons have many details on their fur.

Raccoon's Young

Raccoon's babies are called kits. They're usually born in the spring. Mother raccoons have 4-5 kits. Altogether they make a litter. "Most baby raccoons are born in a tree hollow. " Each kit weighs about two ounces. Some young raccoons leave their mothers at four months. Others usually spend the winter with their mom. Wild raccoons barely live for 5 years. "Captive or owned raccoons live to be 15 or older."

Raccoons are called,"omnivores". In the Latin language "omni" means all. They are called omnivores because they eat both plants and animals. A raccoon is also called a predator. Predators are animals that hunt other animals. Raccoons eat crayfish, frogs, muskrats, bird eggs, turtle eggs, and oysters. Wait there is still more on their menu. They snack on nuts, seeds, fruits, and garden crops.

Raccoons love to snack on fruit.

Did You Know?
*Raccoons wash their food with water.
*Raccoons dry their food with their fur.
*Just like humans raccoons eat fruit as a snack.

Did you know raccoons can talk too? Raccoons make over 200 sounds. The male makes a clicking sound when they are looking for a mate. They are calling the female.

Raccoons Relatives
How many relatives do you have? Raccoons have a lot of relatives. "Ringtails are raccoons most closest cousin. " Ringtails are a little like cats. Pat Harvey says, "A ringtail is about the same size as a house cat. " When a ringtail is angry they do the same thing a house cat would do. Now lets get to the Coati.

Coatis have good noses.

Female coatis love company. They often live in groups, or bands, that have 20-40 members. Another relative of the raccoon is the kinkajou. If you think a kinkajou is a monkey, you are wrong. "The kinkajou is the only relative of the raccoon with a prehensile tail." Prehensile tails make traveling through trees a lot easier. The last two relatives of the raccoon are the Olingo and the Cacomistle. Olingos are the stinkiest relative. They are just like a skunk. Olingos live in tropical forests. Our last relative has a long thin body, and a bushy tail. The Cacomistle loves to show off.

Did you learn enough about the raccoons young, what they eat, their relatives, and how they communicate? I think that raccoons have so many interesting facts. Do you think they have many interesting facts?