The dream that became reality!

CN Tower in Toronto, ON Canada

It has always been my dream to travel and know Canada, specially Toronto. I used to google it when I was teenager. Can I tell you how it all started?

My love for Toronto began since I was in the high school, when I had a great opportunity to take new English classes in a new school. I was amazed! I realized the new world that learning a new language could open! Then I studied about the countries which speak English. Among many countries, I knew and got amazed by Canada! [I have to confess I don't like US as much as I like Canada. If I had to choose between Canada and US, to visit or live, I would rather choose Canada, like I did] I got so excited to know Canada ever since.

In 2011, I went to the college. An interesting thing is my course in Brazil is about Chemistry, and I hate it; however, In my city, there is no course related to what I want to take, which is Civil Engineering, but it doesn't matter haha. I studied Chemistry for two years, and last year I got the biggest of all the opportunities that I had in my entire life, studying abroad. The Brazilian government released a project to send science students to study in international universities around the world with all expenses paid. When I knew it, I applied and, thank God, I was contemplated! I bow before God, and I thanked him like never before!

I always looked at the pictures of Toronto, but I've never thought this would be reality one day. In this project, the student could choose the country in which he/she would like to live. When I saw the list of countries, try to guess which country I first saw! ... You are right, Canada! Obviously, I chose it haha. I barely finished reading the rest of the page... Then I had to do the TOEFL test, the hardest part of this dream. Over again, I overcame! God gave the minimum grade to pass. I say God because there is no other explanation. I quite sure I wouldn't pass without Him.

If I were to write all that happened to me to be here, I guess there wouldn't be enough space to describe it. For the record, In my Worship for Thanksgiving, I spoke for more than one hour, and I missed lots of things to tell. However, After all, God gave me a chance to be able to know this wonderful country, to study in a excellent college, to have the best way to learn a new language (taking a English course and living abroad), and, the main thing, to achieve my dream to know Toronto!

That was a brief brief brief summary of how I got and accomplished this dream. It was inspired in my last weekend getaway  in Toronto. I hope you enjoyed! In the next posts I will be telling you a bit about what I did in these days that I was there, okay? Thanks for reading!