Chinchillas are Best!

Why Chinchillas  are the best.

The reason why I like chinchillas is because I own one. My chinchilla's name is Wispy, and she is the softest animal that lives at my house. She bathes in dust and sand, and is completely cute when doing so. She is a very curious animal and very finicky. She loves to hide in the crook in my arm when I'm holding her.

My favorite thing about them is that they always look for ways to cause mischief. I love when they bathe in dust because instead of throwing the dust on them like you would guess they roll in the dust! I love how active a chinchilla is when they are happy because they become a little speeding rockets. I love when a chinchilla squeaks you can tell how they feel. I love being able to train my chinchilla to do tricks.

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