WDC Conservation

dolphin and whale wildlife

WDC is all about helping conservation of dolphins and whales. They defend these animals through many threats they face daily. Their goal is a world where every dolphin and whale is free.

They participate in their activities every day all the time because they are a conservation. One of their goals right now is to Ask the US government to expand critical habitat protection for right whales.

They are based off there website. They have all sorts of things set up to wear you can donate, contact, apply for jobs, and you can see the harm people are really doing to whales.

These people are doing their work because they see how bad people are treating these animals, and they are trying to stop it. They believe that whales and dolphins shouldn't even be  held captive in such things as  an aquarium.

WEBSITE: http://us.whales.org/whales-and-dolphins

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