The telephone-1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was invented in the 1870s by Alexander Graham Bell. It revolutionized communication around the world and is still the main form of communication today. It allowed people to talk with each other from all over the world, causing far more efficient communication.


Thomas Elva Edison

The lightbulb was invented in 1879 by Thomas Elva Edison. It affected humanity because it introduced electric usage in regular households. The lightbulb also created a high debate over AC electricity and DC electricity, prompting a battle over what kind was overall better, and now we know that AC electricity is superior the DC electricity.


Christopher Latham Sholes

The typewriter revolutionized writing because it became a lot easier to perform any purpose of writing. It is what would eventually become the keyboard of computers like the one I am using to write this. It also made reading easier, as it was a readable font.

Gasoline-powered Automobile-1893

Charles Duryea

The first gas powered automobile changed methods of traveling forever in the world. Suddenly humanity could get here and there faster with having to build hundreds of railroads. Now it has evolved into the cars we use today.

First hand-help camera 1888

George Eastman

The handheld camera was a huge invention at the time, as other cameras took a while to stand and set up and had to have the scene they were photographing be still so it was a good picture, the handheld had none of these disadvantages, so it was an important step for photography.  

The airplane-1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright

On December 17th, 1903 the first airplane flew. This would forever change humanity because we could now travel, fight, etc, in the air. Now, instead of boating across the oceans, many more people fly in the machines that were first born from this invention.


John Milne

The seismograph changed humanity by giving it the ability to record the magnitude of earthquakes and the like through a machine. It has given us valuable information about earthquakes and will also give us ways to prevent catastrophic damage.

Periodic Elements-1865

Dimitri Mendeleyev

The periodic table of the elements forever changed how humans use science, specifically chemistry. And though we have added (a lot) to this table, the template is the same, and we still use the first elements on there in our sciencey world.

First (practical) gasoline engine

Nicholas Otto

The first practical gas engine by Nicholas Otto gave humankind a new and totally green (not really) way to run a wide variety of new machines such as a gas powered automobile. Also, it provided another way to generate electricity. It has evolved into one of our main energy sources now in the modern world.

Motion Picture-1895

Louis and Auguste Lumière

Motion picture has changed how we view entertainment. The revolutionary concept at the time is now just a normal part of life. It has changed us by how we spend our time, it has even led to the television, and all things screen related

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