3 types of art

Title On white 2 / artist wassily Kandinsky made 1923 and found in no. Museum and this is abstract art : it is abstract art because where their is music and the instrument and I also choose it because of the color.

The title is Dasunbild made 1919 artist Kurt Schweitzer found in starts galleria Stuttgart and this is a abstract art :Bc of the color
The scream /1895/by Edward munch found Sotheby's New York museum and this is a represational art because it shows u wat he doing
The Mona lis / 1503-1506/Leonardo da Vinci/ louvre museum/representational art because it shows what she looks like an what she is wearing
The golden war / Hans Hofmann/1962/Guggenheim meuseumand this is no objective art because I dont know what it is
Interchange/ Willemstad dekoning/1955/modern art museum and this non objective cause I don know what it means

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