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Ancient Japan has had many people and events that have shaped Japanese culture, but what about art, literature, and maybe even fashion!


Ancient Japnese art has changed dramatically over the years, but a couple of things have been kept the same. In Ancient Japan, art consisted of visual arts, calligraphy and architecture. Visual arts were used with bright and bold colors, especially to signify important people such as nobles. They also painted illustrated stories. Architecture was used by the nobles to make their lands look beautiful, they constructed many structures like the one pictured above. Art in Japan today is still about the same. People still enjoy plays and performances, they still use the same calligraphy, and still love to paint in the same forms as the people back then.


Fashion has also played an important role in Japanese culture. Nobles in Ancient times owned magnificent wardrobes. They wore materials such as silk to signify their beauty and wealth. Fashion in Japan today consists of a mix of our fashion, and their own. You can see them walking around in Japanese apparell with a bag that says "New York City" on them.


Finally, literature in Japan is very interesting and consists of many fascinating stories as well as the writing itself has its own history. Writing was very important among the nobles, especially among women. Many women wrote diaries about their lives.Men usually wrote in Chinese while women preferred Japanese writing. One of the most famous of Ancient Japanese writers was Lady Murasaki Shikibu who wrote "The Tale of Genji". Literature today consists of Japanese writing symbols that are mainly influenced by Chinese writing symbols.

Japan has gone through many changes in the past decades, but Japan holds tight to their ancient cultures and many will never change. Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun.

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