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Mobile Devices used for Education

Let's start from the beginning... shall we...

There are so many apps out there for teachers to use to integrate mobile learning within their classrooms that sometimes, we may become overwhelmed and forget to just start from the basics. Asking yourself what are you teaching? What do you want your students to learn? And what is out there to help me teach this?

Here are a few apps to get started on collecting your resources...

For Language Arts: K¹² Choc-It-Up

What is it? Choc-It-Up is a game where you play fun games, collect chocolate, and stock the Choc-It-Up store with yummy treats. Choc-It-Up is a game for practicing number, letter, shape and color recognition.

How to use it? Teachers can incorporate this app for a free choice activity when they are finished with a in-class assignment earlier, while continuing their practice in reiterating the teaching of letters, numbers, shapes, and or colors in a kindergarten/ 1st grade setting. Kids and candy... you know this will work well!

For Language Arts: Book Creator

What is it? This is an app that allows you to create children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on digitally.

How to use it? Language arts is usually based on much storytelling. Give the pen a rest and let the children create a magical world in what they daily dwell in: technology. Be it a 1st grader making a picture book or a 5th grader creating an elaborate story.

Science: Frog Dissection

What is it? This is an app where you get a virtual frog dissection and a true life saver for squeamish biology students. Take apart a frog and see what it will look like when you do it for real.

How to use it? When in the middle of a biology lesson and you state that there will be frog dissections next week, you see a number of children squirm at the idea. Bring in this app and let them get a handle on their fears. This will also provide your students with a chance to practice, no one wants a trash can full of wrongly dissected frogs, right?

Math: Mathboard

What is it? is a  tool that allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems on a digital chalkboard. You can customize quizzes to be saved and timed. Also students can see the wrong answer and the correct side by side to check their work.

How to use it? This app can be used in your classrooms to help children work through a math problem, find their mistakes, and take a quiz. A teacher can easily have children access this app as an entire group assignment to practice math and save the environment at the same time.

History: United States History

What is it? This is an app that allows children to access the U.S Constitution, State trivia, and a catalogue of the Presidents.  

How to use it? When teaching about the history of the U.S. provide children with this app and let the write their history report on a president or play a game of trivia with a partner to determine who knows more once your lesson is done. Give them a dilemma at court and let the search the constitution for a solution.


This is only a start.... continue searching for apps and you will be amazed at what is ready out there for us to use!

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