By: Jake Ellis and Cole Stewart

Introduction and Basics

A dvanced

S tep in

I nnovative

MO bility

The ASIMO was originally introduced in 2000 to assist people. It can kick a football, it can run and walk up and down steps. It's used in offices and homes. its work envelope is 34 degrees of freedom with 50 joints. The end effector is multifunctional because it can do the following:carry anything within its weight limit, flip switches and walk up and down stairs. ASIMO is taught from hardware stored inside which is programmed by programmers. The sensors in its wrists allow it to hold on to things. The sensors in his "screen face" allows him to see what is in front of him.


1. They can carry and support the person that they are helping.

2. They can be with the people always when they are needed.


1. They need to be charged.

2. They need to be taught how to do new things when a new task is required of them.

Changing People!

The ASIMO robot has greatly changed the people that own one by serving them when in need, they have made people’s lives better if they have had disabilities, and they are able to do things that the owner couldn’t do with the limitations that he/she has.

New Jobs?

This robot needs to be made so this makes jobs in factories to make the ASIMO.

The Possible Future of ASIMO!

It may be turned into a war machine (like in the movie Iron Man), being able to go into a battlefield and fight without pain. This would help troops out by being able to carry their supplies and extracting mines on the battlefield.



2. They could be used as weapons of mass destruction. \/\/\/\/

3. We trust technology such as the iPhone, but not AI technology that can logic and reason. Usually stuff like that revolts against the owner and bad stuff happens. We've watched too many movies.

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