Student Publishing with Tackk

Tackk is a great medium for students to publish their work.  Students can express their creativity without needing any design skills.  Students can sign in through Google, choose who to share their Tackks with, or create an anonymous username if they wish to share publicly.

Here is an Overview of Tackk

What is Tackk?

Tackk is a free, simple way to create beautiful pages and collaborate on the web. We empower educators and students to be content creators on the web, sparking creativity and thought. No technical or design skills required.

How do my students submit their Tackks to me?

We’ve seen different ways to submit work. Here are a few:

  1. Add tags to auto-add Tackks to one URL (read more using the link below)
  2. One-click autoshare through Tackk’s share options (Google.)
  3. Copy and paste URL
  4. Email URL

Read more about submitting Tackks here.

What is Tackk Stream?

Tackk Stream is a fun and easy way to have a conversation, give feedback, ask questions and collect info. Learn more about Stream.

What can Stream be used for in the classroom?

You can use Stream in a variety of ways. Here are some examples we’ve seen:

  1. Teacher-student feedback and conversations
  2. Student group work and feedback
  3. Collecting Tackk URLs
  4. App-smashing (e.g. posting links to ThingLinks in Stream)
  5. Program collaboration (e.g. Global Read Aloud)

*This information is taken from the Tackk site.

Getting Started with Chromebooks

After you log in, click on the Apps icon at the bottom lefthand corner of your screen. Open the Web Store, and then search for Tackk. The TackkEdu App will appear. Click to download. Now, you will be able to automatically sign into Tackk by opening up your App directory.

The most popular Tackks will be posted on the homepage. In the upper lefthand corner is a yellow icon with their menu options. In the upper righthand corner is a green icon, which lets them start a new Tackk project.

Very IMPORTANT: make sure that students first click “Settings” and change to “Private” in order to protect their privacy. Students can also change the automatic username to something more anonymous if they want to make their Tackk public.

Students are now ready to make their Tackk. There are themes they can choose from or a blank canvas. They can add text, images, audio, video, forms, RSVPs, buttons, maps, etc. as well as change colors, text, layout, etc.

Getting Started with iPads

Find and open the Tackk App.

Click “Login,” and then login through Google. It will lead you through a series of pages asking for information (your bio, friends, etc.) I suggest that students fill out a short bio, but do not search for friends. Very IMPORTANT: make sure that students select “Private,” in order to protect their privacy. Once you have gotten to the last slide, click “Done.”

The most popular Tackks will be posted on the homepage. Have students click on the blue edit icon in the top lefthand corner to begin their first Tackk.

Your students will now be ready to start! Students can add media (title, headline, text, image, or calendar RSVP. They can also change fonts and colors. Make sure students log off when they are finished.

Google Docs Version

Student Examples

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