Why in Oz was it banned?

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic on the screen and in black and white.This book by Frank L Baum is a wonderful book for children. However the Detroit School system says this book has "no value" and supports "negativism". don't you believe that the whole point of this book is showing how people should love themselves on the inside?, an isn't that a very positive theme?

How could the Detroit school board say this book has "no value"? This book makes for an enjoyable read even though it is very descriptive it also is full of enjoyable adventures. We are not the only people who think so. "Seeing The wizard of Oz made a writer of me", says Salman Rushdie a known novelist.

Not only was the book banned in Detroit but the whole city of Chicago took the book out of ALL libraries. It was banned from the Chicago city libraries for being in their eyes "ungodly" and "unwholesome". They think this book is ungodly because of witchcraft. However this book mainly uses witchcraft to describe the physical appearance of a character. and you must remember that is a book so the whit is really just symbolizing things that are evil or bad in life, and not the actually which craft.

Another time seven Fundamentalist Christian families in Tennessee opposed the novel in 1986 saying that the fact that there where beliefs of witches and promoting the belief that human attributes were "theologically impossible rather than God given".

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