A Career as a Photographer

Career Goal: Photography


Be Inspired

Overview: Produce an image that paints a picture, tell a story, or record a event!
Helpful High School Classes: Art, Art History, Drawing and Painting, Film and Audiotape, and Photography :)

Skills and Abilities: Communication, Reason and Problem Solve, Math and Science, Manage Oneself, People and Things/ Time, Work with people and things, and Percent and visualize!!

Working Conditions: Interpersonal Relationship, Physical Work Conditions, Work Performance( Do the best to be the best) , and Hours and Traveling( May have to travel for clients.)

Wages: Minnesota Hourly Medium ( $17.05) Minnesota Yearly Medium ( $35,470)  WOW!!!

U.S Hourly Medium ( $13.88) U.S Yearly Medium ( $28,860)

Employment Outlook: Depends on rather or not you are posting online only or posting in writing ( newspapers, magazines, ect.) and online!!!!

Related Occupations: Camera Operations, Choreographers, Dancers, Film and Video Editors, Meteorologist, Musicians, Professional Make-up Artist, Sound Engineering, Arts, or Audio and Visual

Career Program of Study

Arts and Fine Arts

Overview:  Learn and teach about the history and theory of visual and performing arts.

Program Admission: Art Appreciation, Art History, Basic Drawing, Music History, Theatrical History

Typical Course Work: Artistic Aesthetics and Criticism, Ceramics, Color Theory, Drawing, Fine Arts, Performance, Music History 

Related Programs: Animation, Video Graphic and Special Effects, Art History, Art Therapy, Arts, Dance

Schools That Offer This Program: Mankato State University, St. Cloud State University, Augsburg, Bethany Lutheran, Carleton, Concordia, Gustavus Adolphus, Hamlin, Macalester, St. Catherine, St. Olaf, University of Minnesota in Duluth, and University of Minnesota in Morris

College Choice

Minnesota State University

Location and Size: Location and Size: Mankato, MN

Admission Requirements: Rolling deadline, ACT of 22 (Average Score) , GPA 2.5

College Expenses: In-state on Campus ( $8,034+) In-state off Campus ( $9,500+)

Out-Of-State Campus ( $17,687+) Out-Of-State off  Campus ( $18,500+) keep in mind that is with the lowest amount of book cost ($500)

Financial Aid: Forms Needed- FAFSA/ SAR; Deadline- March 15; Scholarships- Private, School, and State Sponsored

Housing: $6,000+ food

Activities: Archery, Basketball, Dodge ball  Fencing, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Kick Ball, Lacrosse, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Sailing, Skiing Down Hill, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Wresteling

Let the world take you in with the beauty of nature

To reach my goals; I will focus well in High School as well as college. I will do what it takes to be the best I can be. To be successful in life and be happy with myself. I will do as told, save my money, plan accordingly (and the unexpected), and take whatever life throws at me and make the best of it.

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