About Me!

Mark Jeska

At a Coppell football game with my best friends (I'm the second from the left)

I strive for greatness every day through what I do. I play the trombone and lead the section as a squad leader, but I also lead the whole band in warm-up stretches. I am a prominent big man on the Ultimate Frisbee team for Coppell and we are two time back to back state champs, looking for a three-peat this coming spring! I look forward to achieving my Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts of America over the next few months. I had run with the Coppell Cross Country team my freshman and sophomore years and ran varsity part of the sophomore year.

Ultimate Frisbee Texas State Champs 2014 with Coppell

I have volunteered for many scouts' eagle service projects and will be soon having my own on September 27th where people can come to donate to CCA and North Texas Food Bank and also have any documents shredded they would like, up to three boxes full. Along with the scouting adventure, I am very fond of the outdoors, especially hiking. I went to Colorado this past summer and went hiking all around and "hiked" Pikes Peak, a 14,010ft tall mountain.

Hiking around Colorado with my parents.

Throughout my school years, I have always been great at math and science, and thankfully my interests are in those two subjects. Once I graduate, my first choice of college now would be Colorado School of Mines to study geophysical engineering.

The challenge of high school came quick to me as freshman year, second six weeks, as I had the unfortunate acquisition of chronic migraines that I never had before. I was out for three school weeks straight, but was able, once I was able, to work with my all my teachers of making up class assignments and time. I went to almost every possible tutoring session, including lunch with my teachers, and Saturday school. My grades did not dive as may be expected by missing so much time, and I was able to still have honor roll lunch the next semester, though I never went because I always had my packed lunch and wanted to stay in class. Thankfully, I didn't make a habit of being out sick forever and continued on with the worst behind me.

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