Marvelous Money

People have used money for over 4000 years. The first paper money was used 1000 years ago.

Money has VALUE. It's PORTABLE. It's DURABLE. It's a medium of EXCHANGE!

People all over the world use money, or currency. In England, they use British Pounds.


In the European Union, they use the Euro.

Pic Collage by Courtney Withers


In the year 2008,in Argentina, the people ran out of coins. They then made candy their new money until they could make new coins.

Gold and silver were melted to make money.

Dollar bills are not made of paper as most people think. They are actually made of a special cloth made of recyclable materials, and other ingredients not known to the public.

Cocoa beans, which is what chocolate is made of, was once used as money.  

Roman soldiers were paid in salt. This is where the word salary comes from.

Types of money and their values

Half dollars are worth fifty cents. They are the biggest of the American coins, both in value and in size.

Quarters are worth twenty five cents. They're the second largest of the coins, both in value and in size.  

Quarters are worth a quarter of a dollar, or twenty-five cents. It is the second biggest, both in value and in size.

Types of money and their value