Moshe Manoah -  Honest Business

Moshe Manoah and his team of real estate investment experts at Crown Holdings Group believe in providing their investors with all the information they have, creating a transparent working relationship that is a show of trust to their clients, who in return often appreciate the honesty and build trusting relationships with their advisors. This includes a daily viewing access to the firm’s books and records, a gesture of honesty that one may not get at other firms.

To Moshe Manoah, running an honest business means running a transparent business. There is nothing to question when there is nothing to hide, which is a philosophy Manoah has injected into his company and the training of his staff. By allowing his investors access to Crown’s books and records, there is never anything left on the table. And by keeping their data on a secure server online, investors can obtain this information from the comfort of their homes and at the click of a button.

Moshe Manoah believes transparency is a fundamental way to conducting honest business. By making all their information accessible to their investors, all business decisions are made with the utmost of consideration to the fair nature of the business.

He feels that this business practice is a larger representation of his own values; in that his honesty is not there for merely a good impression, but to show his investors the levels of legitimacy that help form long-lasting business relationships. He has nothing to hide; and he is more than happy to show that.

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