bravery: This photo shows bravery because he,her is jumping of a big cliff into the ocean.

edited: I used more colour to this photo so it stands out, and i also blurred out the bottom corners of the photo to make the bravery logo? stand out.

respect: This photo shows respect because this man is greeting some one nicely.

edited: I edited this photo by using a splash of colours, and I also added some stars to give more shape to this picture, and i added a fire work to add more creativity, and I also added a lightening bolt to add more character.

Teamwork: this photo shows teamwork by looking at the picture you can see that the dogs are helping each other out to try reach something they want.

edited: I used a black & white theme to this photo to make it look old, and i also added a speech at the top of the photo to give a example of what they are thinking, I also added glasses to one of the dogs to add more character.

safety: this photo of the helmet shows safety because it protects your head form getting hurt.

edited: I added more brighter colours to this photo because I wanted to make it stand out, I also used a nice flower boarder around the photo to make it look more appealing..

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