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Today, i read the article “China as a Superpower: An Overview ”. So, i want to make a

summary to tell some important details about China. China experienced a unrest

period after Chairman Mao unified the country. His idea of a socialist paradise brought

peace ,but also caused culture vandalism, famine and economic stagnation. And then

Deng Xiaoping carry out the innovation of land and economic. it helped china gradually

become a prosper country in the past 30 years.China has undergone the Xia, Shang,

Zhou and Qin dynasty which unified China and finished building the Great Wall (221-

206BCE). Subsequent dynasties also changed China in profound ways. For instance,

China invented the compass , paper-making, gunpowder and printing. Currently,

China's massive economic growth and manufacturing practices have made it a

superpower in the world community. In contrast, the disparity between rich and poor is

growing and the pollution of air and river is increasing significantly.

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