QuizStar Tutorial

To create an account and register students

1. To create a new account click on the Get Started link on the homepage and enter your email address and new password.

2. QuizStar will then email you an activation link. Click on the link to activate your account.

3. To create a class click on the Class Manager tab on the homepage and then click on Create a New Class.

4. Fill out the form which asks you to enter the time your class meets, the title of your class and the amount of students you want to register.

5. Once you have made this folder you can either add a new student by clicking the Add New Student tab option listed on the folder and create accounts for each student, or you can have each student sign up themselves and find your class by typing in the name of your class.

To make and assign a quiz

1. Click on the folder you have created and then click on the Quiz Repository link. This will take you to a new page where you will click on the link to the right of the page named New Quiz.

2. You will be taken to a page with three tabs labeled Quiz Settings, Question Form and Question List.

Quiz Settings

Here you can do the following: Enter quiz title, enter basic instructions, choose how many attempts the students have at taking the quiz, font size, choose questions per page, choose the option to have results sent to your email and choose whether or not students get to see the correct answer for incorrect responses.

Note: You have to fill out all information before you can go to the Question Form page.

Question Form

This is the page where you create your quiz. You can choose between multiple choice, true or false and short answer questions. Every time you create a new question click on the (Save make a new question tab) either above or below to continue to make new questions. When you have created all questions click on (Save go to question list)

Question List

Here you can edit your quiz and preview your quiz.

3. Click on the Finished Editing tab to the right to assign your quiz to a class.

4. Click on the Assign to Class tab at the far right of the page and choose your class using the drop box.

5. Directly under the tab there should be a small green folder. Click on this to assign your quiz.

6. Choose your start date, end date and whether you want the quiz to be public or private. Click Assign.