Centennial Break

When I first heard of the vacation, I felt two contradicting feeling and thoughts. First, I felt quite sad because it's just a month of being a college student then it's our vacation again. (w/o knowing it's called "Centennial Break") Second, I was happy because we have a time to relax and a time to enjoy and celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Church in Philippine Arena, Ciudad de Victoria. This vacation is for three weeks which is quite long to be not in school and not learning, so we were given by our professors tasks and assignments to keep us busy and still feel that we were in school while our minds and bodies are resting. While in vacation, at first I was too lazy to do all these tasks, but eventually I thought that if I did all of these early, I will not cram and I can enjoy every bit of my vacation.

There are important events about the Church that happened during this vacation, first is the Thanksgiving Worship Service last July 20. Second is the inauguration of the Philippine Arena on the 21st. All students of the New Era University who are members of the Church of Christ were given a chance to be there and witness the inauguration but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. :(( On the 27th is the celebration of the Church for its 100th year anniversary held at Philippine Arena. Again, I was not able to be there but my family went to one of the remote sites (Lokal ng Pasay,MMS). From there we were able to witness the Special Worship Service headed by our beloved Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. And on the 31st, my family watched the live telecast of the Ang Sugo: A Stage Play.

Also in this vacation, I learned how to bake. :))) I first made a fudge brownie, then soft chocolate chip cookies. Now, I'm planning to make chocolate chip muffins as a gift for my friend's birthday.