The Greatest Ship of All Time

By: Sydney Hightower


The Titanic was a cruise ship that began its voyage at South Hampton, England. Called"the unsinkable,"the Titanic sank, surprising its passengers and more. This supreme ship fell to the Atlantic Ocean floor on April fifteenth, 1912 at 2:20 a.m., 800 miles away from her destination in New York. To this day, she's remembered and always should be.

About the ship

The Titanic was a mighty fine ship. She included four elevators, a swimming pool(did I mention it was heated?!?), two barber shops, two libraries, and a gym. used to feed the passengers and crew was 3500 pounds of onions, 40000 eggs, 1000 loaves of bread, 7000 heads of lettuce, 86000 pounds of meat, 40 tons of potatoes, and 36000 apples. It towered over the fierce seas as tall as a 17 story building. She was almost as long as three football fields. Fast too-her top speed was 27 miles per hour! Wow! This strong ship was the first to have electricity in every room which has inspired ship designers ever since.

A picture of this mighty ship.

Crash! The Disastrous Iceberg

It was a pleasant night on April 14,1912, until disaster struck. The ship was headed towards an iceberg, but could't react quickly enough. In two hours 40 minutes, the Titanic would sink. Only 700 survived this tragedy. But unkile the Titanic itself, the memories of her still stay strong. Memories of the ship. Member of crew memories. Memories of the passengers. Memories of cheering on "the unsinkable". In a way, these memories keep her alive.


So the Titanic sunk. That doesn't mean it was a bad ship. It just was not prepared for icebergs. It was a cool ship that might come back. Ship designers are planning to build a replica of the ship to actually bring her back to life. Now, she gets to live again.

Fun facts

1) There was a rule on the lifeboats- women and children had to board them first. 2)The Titanic cost $7.5 million total when they built it. 3)The Titanic was designed to carry only 64 lifeboats which wasn't enough for all the passengers. 4)The iceberg was warmer than the water the Titanic was sailing in. 5) The Titanic broke into two separate parts shortly before she completely sank.


Voyage- A journey a ship takes across a body of water.

Supreme- Extreme, insane

Fierce-Showing strong aggressiveness

Pleasant- A nice place, usually quiet

Disaster- A terrible, awful event.

Replica-Another copy of something

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