The Warsaw Ghetto

The hood

The Warsaw ghetto were Jews that lived and a very poor condition cruel area which was the largest in Poland with a population of more than 400,000  Jews. This was beginning  1943 . The Nazis were controlling these places treating the Jews in very bad hostiles . The Jews were getting fed up and were setting to rebel against the Nazis.The NBC miniseries Uprising raised awareness of the Warsaw ghetto and its resistance movement ... inspired this miniseries. The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe. On October 16th 1940 frank ordered all the Jews in Warsaw and the surrounding areas had to live in specified areas within the boundaries.  The city of Warsaw, capital of Poland, flanks both banks of the Vistula River.  It was a city of 1.6 million inhabitants . September 1, 1939, Warsaw suffered heavy air attacks and artillery bombardment. German troops entered Warsaw on September 29, shortly after its surrender.

They were forced out of there homes and some were taken away from their families.

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Fighters in the warsaw ghetto .