Laura Murphy St Charles IL: The Benefits of Telecommuting

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL is a registered nurse who came to nursing after nearly ten years as a technical writer. She worked for a small software company out of Chicago, and for most of the time that she worked for them she was able to telecommute.

Although she has left her old profession far behind, Laura Murphy of St Charles IL still advocates for telecommuting, and calls it a real boon to the modern workforce. She is the single mother of two daughters, both of whom were still quite small when she was telecommuting. The ability to work remotely, she says, meant that she could have a job in Chicago, some distance away, and still stay home with her kids and hold down a high-paying job.

"And I could work in my pajamas," she adds, only half-joking. She occasionally hears about resistance from some within the tech industry, and says it is a strange irony that some technical companies do not allow their employees to work from home. "They make the products that allow for that, after all."

Repeated studies have revealed the attractiveness of telecommuting to many of today's workers. One study says that being able to telecommute would go a long way toward reducing a company's rate of attrition. The figures vary, but Laura Murphy of St Charles IL says that losing a valued employee can cost a company anywhere from ten to thirty thousand dollars.

Furthermore, she says that some companies, such as Dow Chemical and Best Buy, have determined that teleworkers are at least as productive as those employees who come into the office every day, and possibly even more productive. "And if that doesn't convince some of the corporate brass that it works, and can even work to their advantage," says Laura Murphy of St Charles IL, "then I guess nothing will."

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